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Creating a simple and personalized solutions for wise food consumptions making your life healthier and better.
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How it works?

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MealPrep is a Revolutionary app, that gives you recipes according to the your ingredients, taste, personal information such as health, residence, weather etc.

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Dishes personalised perfectly for you

Meal prep also uses the AI ; Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) which learns your personal food habits and there for can give you even better more personal recipes

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Smart ingredients assistant

Smart ingredients assistant will help you to enter all your recipes easily by write, voice assistant and recipe scanner

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With our voice assistant, we will guide you through all over the recipe process, step by step.

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Frequently asked questions
Is MealPrep free?

Of course, we want to enable using MealPrep to each person around the world and to give them the opportunity of having easier & healthier life.

Can you save a favourite recipe? 

Of course, you can save any recipe by pressing the heart shape button on the right corner of the recipe. The recipe will be added to your favorite recipes wich you will be able to access from your settings menu.

Does MealPrep have a food filtering options?

Yes, When signing up MealPrep ask you about your food prefences and allergies, and gives you an option to define your account as vegetrian/vegan and kosher.

Where do I update my personal settings?

You can update and change your personal food or other settings at the settings screen under account > account preferences.


High school students have developed an app that will help you eat a salad instead of a hamburger

All about us

We are the DACT company, Crowds of 10 team members,
we established the company in 2017 with the purpose of stopping global obesity.

Today obesity is  ranked first for the cause of death in the OECD countries and is identified as one of the most common causes of many medical problems. We identified that the main problem with obesity is laziness and lack of knowledge in preparing food independently, which leads to excessive junk food consumption.


Therefore, we decided to produce an innovative app, The MealPrep app, which gives you a verity of Healthy and Simple recipes according to the ingredients You have.

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We are in the mission to evolve the MealPrep app and we will be exited to have you on board for our official launch!


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